Does Your Crush Like You?

What Is Your Crush Score

Does Your Crush Like You? Many of you can relate to this question and want to find the answer to it. Having a crush on someone is a nerve-wracking feeling. You love that person but are never able to confess it to him or her. So, we have created a small quiz that will help you to know and overcome the dilemma of being ever loved by your crush. Does Your Crush Like You? quiz consists of some simple questions related to your crush. These questions are very generic and relatable to everyone.

Are you ready to find the answer to the question – Does Your Crush Like You? Play this fun quiz and be ready to face reality.

Find Out Whether Your Crush Likes You Or Not

How close are you and your crush?

Does your crush know that you have a crush on him/her?

Is your crush in a relationship or loves someone?

Have you ever been invited to any party organized by your crush?

How often do you both chat on WhatsApp/messages?

What does your crush give you on your birthday?

How often do you both hang out alone?

Does your crush like giving you surprises?

Have you ever been on a date together?

How many similar choices do you both have? We almost have the same likings Our choices are poles apart

Does Your Crush Like You? Time To Find Out
Yes, she/he likes you a lot

Does your crush likes you?

Your crush likes you, and soon you will get a chance to be together. ♥️
Your crush is not having any feelings for you

Though your crush is not having any feeling for you, but keep trying and one day you will get what you deserve.

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If the answer came in your favor, then your lovely time is about to begin. But, if the answer is not in your favor, there is no need to get disheartened. One day you will get what you deserve, and that day is not far. So, be happy in life and enjoy every moment.

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