How To Make Your Friends Happy

Are you trying to surprise your best friend on their birthday? Or do you just want to make them feel special? There can be different reasons, but if your aim is to bring a smile to your friend’s face, you can go that extra mile.

Here we are sharing 10 ways to make your good friends feel happy. Go through the article and pick the best tip that suits your situation. Now, without any further ado, let’s start:

10 Tips To Make Your Friend Happy

Give a surprise

gifting ideas for friends

We all love surprises. Yes, sometimes people never admit it, but they love surprises. Now, we are not mentioning any extravagant things here. Because let’s admit, huge surprises given at the wrong time can go wrong sometimes. You can go for simple things. For example, send their favorite chocolates or ice cream or find them the dress (or anything) they were searching for desperately.

Prepare a meal


If your friend loves food, prepare a meal on your own. It will definitely make them feel special about themselves. In case you don’t know how to cook fancy dishes, don’t worry. Just cook something simple that your friend likes to eat. The key here is to make them feel you care a little extra.

Go for a movie

movie with friends

This weekend, watch a movie with your friend. Try this only if they love movies otherwise, it is not going to make them happy. Make sure you book tickets as per their schedule. And they should be interested in the film. Do not randomly pick any movie that may not be your friends’ cup of tea.

Arrange a reunion


Some people love to stay in touch with old friends, but they cannot do so. There are always reasons to grow apart, but it’s never too late for a reunion. You can call other friends your person likes and arrange a reunion.

Remind their long-lost dream

ways to make your friend happy

If your friend had a dream or a hobby, but it has no place in their lives at present, put some effort here. You can have a light-hearted conversation and make them understand that it’s fine to work towards their long-lost dream or hobby.

Spend some quality time

ways to make your friend happy

With increased hustle in our lives, we often forget to spend time with our loved ones. It often happens so slowly that we don’t even realize it. You might have faced something similar. So, it is perfect to be together and spend some quality time. You can spend an off day with your friend. It will surely make them happy.

Revisit your favorite spot

ways to make your friend happy

Generally, every group of friends has a special place. It can be a park, a cafe, or an eatery near your college or office. It can also be a corner of your home. If you have shared such personal spaces with your friend and it’s been a long time since you both went there, just revisit. Ask your friend to meet at the same place. Just being in a familiar or cozy space where you have good memories will make your friend happy.

Book a therapy session

ways to make your friend happy

While therapy is still considered taboo, it should not be. It’s high time we should normalize going to therapy. So, even if your friend is fit and fine, you can book a therapy session for them. It will be rejuvenating. Also, it is a very special and ideal way to take care of someone. Also, they will realize if there is something silently troubling the person. Always remember prevention is better than cure. And taking care of your friend’s mental health is the best way to make them feel happy.

Drive them home

ways to make your friend happy

Some people hate driving; some hate the thought of hiring a cab or using public transport. If your friend is on the same page, you can bring a little smile by just driving them back home or to any other place they need to be. You will just have to spare some time (if you know how to drive) and your person will definitely get happy.

Be a good listener

ways to make your friend happy

Sometimes all we have to do is to be a good listeners. Just recollect when the last time you patiently listened to your friend was. Did you pay attention to their unnecessary rant or the vague conversation they were trying to have? If not, then get yourself some free time and communicate with your person. And do not think that people feel happy this way only if they are hurt, sad or anxious. Even if they don’t have anything serious or substantial to share, even if they are doing good in life, your patient listening will make them feel happy.

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